Balenciaga’s Futuristic Video Game, The Future of Fashion Shows?

The pandemic made the big brands to reconfigure their strategy. After GucciFest, Balenciaga is another luxury company that decided to launch its new collection through a video game. And not just a normal video, but a futuristic one that presents the world of 2031. “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” is the name of the cutting-edge visual fashion show. You can read below how to play it and how to buy clothes through it.

Source: Balenciaga / Youtube

The game of the future fashion show

“Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” is the name of the new futuristic video game of Balenciaga. The brand guides its players through the world of 2031, and the new collection of Autumn / Winter 2021 are presented along. “Afterworld” starts by displaying its models in the role of action figures, like in genuine video games. All of them wear pieces of clothing from the new collection and each model has the outfit described on the right side.

“Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” Game

The dystopian landscape of a 2031 world emerges the player into a revolutionary (and visionary) shopping experience. The hero avatar levels up throughout the game by facing different challenges and interacting with other characters. It is in the end like a classic video game, and the story is influenced by mythology and different archetypes.

Who created it?

The creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, took the term “fashion show” to a whole new level, one adapted to the exceptional times that we all living through. This would not be his first attempt to deliver the new collection in a peculiar way. The new Spring/Summer 2021 clothes were launched with the help of a music video instead of the traditional fashion show, which was not an option at that time due to the pandemic.

Demna Gvasalia is a Georgian fashion designer, creative director of Balenciaga since 2015, and the founder of the brand Vetements. He is considered a conceptualist and a design innovator, best known for creating avant-garde and haute-couture models.

Balenciaga outfits from previous collections – Source: Balenciaga

Where can you play it?

But this time the video experience has exceeded the overall expectation. “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” was launched on December 6 and it can be played here. Thanks to the advanced game hosting technology that Balenciaga uses, it can be played on any device, either mobile or desktop.

Balenciaga isn’t the only brand that “gamifythe fashion industry. Let’s not forget about Gucci‘s and Louis Vuitton‘s gaming apps or even GucciFest. Also, Moschino had a collection capsule created especially for The Sims. But “Afterworld” is the very first-of-its-kind hybrid video game fashion show.

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