GUCCI Makes Its Own Fashion Week. Say ‘Hello’ to GucciFest – Harry Styles and Billie Eilish Join The Event

The pandemic changes the luxury world. As fashion shows are on hold, the famous clothing brands need to be creative and think of other methods to reach their customers and their public. And Gucci seems to be adapting quite well to our modern times. Gucci Fest took place between 16 and 22 November 2020 and you can read it all about it down below.

Credit: Youtube / GUCCI

Gucci Fest is an online event created by the fashion house Gucci. It is a 7 episode mini series, put together by Gus van Sant and Alessandro Michele. The brand already announced that there would be big changes from May. They would normally have five shows per year, but that is not the case anymore. Creative director Alessandro Michele announced that Gucci would present only two shows and the collections would be co-ed and seasonless. Well, that’s change in the fashion industry. 

Gucci looks from the new videos – Credit: GUCCI

Gucci didn’t wait for Fashion Weeks to return, so the brand created its very own festival: that’s how GucciFest was born. The seven videos were uploaded in the week November 16 to 22 (one each day) and they had an incredible reach. The miniseries has also a title: it was named “Overture of Something That Never Ended” and it follows a woman named Silvia Calderoni that is discovering the beauty of Rome city. 

GucciFest is indeed a bold move, but a very inspiring one for these current times. The first episode called “At Home of this mini-series was definitely a hit, the video uploaded on Youtube had over one million views. 

Credit: Youtube / GUCCI

Each episode brings also a special guest. English singer Harry Styles joins the festival for episode 3, and we can hear singer Billie Eilish in episode 5. Other guests are Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and The Machine and American actor Jeremy O. Harris. It is definitely a very different and interesting approach on the fashion market and we will see of other brands will follow this initiative.

Credit: Youtube / GUCCI

Each episode shows men’s and women’s collection, but that is not all. Gucci uses Youtube platform to present also short fashion films of young, promising designers. You can find out more details and see new outfits on  This pandemis has definitely changed fashion shows, but popular brands don’t give up in releasing new products or new collections. In the end, online shopping is more powerful than ever.

Credit Preview Photo: GUCCI

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