Jimmy Choo x Timberland Swarovski, The Glamorous Footwear Collection

Jimmy Choo, Timberland and Swarovski have joined forces. This collaboration sparks joy among the fans of the three brands. the famous luxury Jimmy Choo created a sparkling pair of boots. You can now purchase a pair of so much loved Timberlands, but all covered in Swarovski crystals. For sure, you will make an entrance wherever you go.

The new models of Timberland
Source: Facebook / Timberland Official

The latest fashion collab is the one between Jimmy Choo and Timberland. The result? The most expensive Timbs ever….until now. The new boots have shiny crystals on them that make the pair a unique footwear statement. The new release items come in two styles for men and four different styles for women.


Men can choose between a pair of 6-inch boots with crystals or a 6-inch boots with glitter. Women on the other hand are more spoiled, there have four models to choose from: a pair of wheat boots with gold glitter Jimmy Choo branding which cost $595, black boots with gunmetal glitter Jimmy Choo branding that has the same price, or they may very well buy the boots with Swarovski-crystal trimming for $1,295. 

The stars of the collection are most definitely the all covered in crystal boots that comes in at…$5,500. We may say they will definitely make you unforgettable wherever you go. Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga already know that these boots are definitely made for walking. Swarovski have definitely brought a flashy change to the classical boots. Swarovski is one of the most famous brands of jewelry in the world.

Source: Youtube / Jimmy Choo


The luxury accessories brand and the heritage boot brand are definitely out for a win, and when you think that the Timbs are a very popular item, we can already see this as a fruitful collab. Once with the official launch, Timberland stated that it will plant a tree for every pair pf boots created in this exclusive limited-edition collection. This is part of the brand’s plan to support a greener future. 

The collection was released exclusively in New York and LA at the beginning of September, but it has seen now a wider release around the world. The Timberland yellow boot was launched in 1976 and it was mostly worn by working men, as it was the ideal footwear in cold and trying environments. In the 80s, it started to be promoted more and more on the European markets and everything became more fashion-driven look. What really made me so famous were US hip-hop artists. From New England to Brooklyn, the famous yellow boot was seen everywhere on the streets and that’s when it really took off. Today the brand Timberland is known on a worldwide level thanks to this specific model. 

(Main Photo Source: Grazia ME)

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