“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…Which Is The Finest Chocolate of Them All?” We Tell You: It Costs $1.5 Million for One Box

We all like to indulge ourselves – from time to time – with a bar of chocolate or a chocolate cake. Although a normal bar can satisfy our sweet tooth, we must admit that one fine chocolate can definitely change our day, our mood (should we say our self esteem also?) entirely. 

We were curious to find out which was the most expensive and finest chocolate of them all. Even when we talk about such popular product – and definitely loved by all of us – chocolate can also fall within “luxury goods” category and it can even cost millions of dollars, thousands or hundreds. It all depends on the process and its ingredients, and some of them you can enjoy at fine dining restaurants. For sure, all of them taste like heaven on earth, and, even though we cannot actually “provide” you with the flavour, we propose that you let your imagination run wild and go to the nearest grocery store to buy some (no matter the price). So mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the finest chocolate of them all? 


1. Le Chocolate Box – $1.5 Million

We decided to start with the first place as it is one spectacular chocolate worth mentioning. Originally launched in the United States, the most high-priced chocolate was called “Le Chocolate Box”. How much was it? $1.5 million for one box of this dessert! Created by Lake Forest Confections, this box had this excruciating price tag because it came also with some jewelry (thus the high price). The jewelry was designed by Simon Jewelers and it was part of a media campaign. Needless to say, it was extremely appreciated at the time, but nowadays you can’t buy it from anywhere. Without doubt, it was the most expensive chocolate ever sold. 

2. Frozen Haute Chocolate – $25,000

On the second place, we have a Guiness World Records’ chocolate. It is called Frozen Haute Chocolate and it costs exactly $25,000. It is literally the most expensive dessert ever sold (no jewelry included) and you can order it at two of the most upscale and luxurious restaurants in the world: Euphoria and Serendipity 3, both in New York. 

Why is it so overpriced? First of all, Frozen Haute Chocolate is served in a baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet, made of gold and a diamond bracelet attached to the neck. The chocolate itself is made with edible gold – yes, you literally eat gold. The recipe is also secretly kept, we just know it contains 14 of the rarest and pricey cocoas in the world, coming from South America and Africa. FHC comes also with the finest truffles ever: Le Madeline au Truffle ($2,500 a pound). If you ever want to pamper yourself with one of these, don’t forget to order it before you go to these restaurants….it is not like they make it every evening.


3. 100-pound Golden Speckled Chocolate Egg – $11,107

Sold at an auction in 2012, this three feet tall and 100 pound chocolate egg definitely makes our list because of its price: $11,107. Seven chocolatiers worked for this delicious beauty to come to life. The shell of the egg is made of Amadei chocolate, which comes from Venezuela and it is considered one of the best in the world. This sweet delicacy made it also into the Guiness Book of World Records as the first non-jeweled chocolate egg. 

4. Swarovski & Harrods Chocolate Box – $10,000

On the fourth place, we have another collaboration between jewelry and chocolate. The famous chain Harrods and a Lebanese chocolatier Patchi embraced their forces and created this 49 piece chocolate box which cost $10,000. There were not just incredibly delicious chocolate pieces inside, but they were also studded with Swarovski crystals. The box had leather pads adorned with gold and platinum. We must say…every woman would have fallen head over heels over the person offering her such a gift. 

Le Madeline
Le Madeline Truffle – Source: Knipschildt Chocolatier

5. Knipschildt Chocolate – $2,600

We presented until now only chocolate products made for special occasions, either at an auction or for a publicity stunt, but in fact the chocolate we have here, on the fifth place, is actually the finest and most extravagant chocolate in the world: Knipschildt Chocolatier. Fritz Knipschildt is a Danish chef in love with….well, chocolate. Started at 13 as a dishwasher, Fritz quickly advanced and discovered his talent for cooking. In 1999, “Willy Wonka of Connecticut”, as he is known, started making chocolates in his one bedroom apartment, selling them locally. Quickly he expanded and he became one of the finest “Maïtre Chocolatiers” of his generation. One of his assortments is officially the most expensive chocolate in the world: Le Madeline. This exceptional product is actually a dark, classic truffle collection made of French Valrhona chocolate, probably the best in the world, French cream, Italian truffle oil. Because of its outstanding ingredients and creation, the price for 450 grams is $2,600 or $250 for one single truffle. The process is quite laborious and you need to order it before. The chocolatier recommends you to eat within seven days from purchasing it, so that you can really enjoy the ultimate taste of this upscale delicacy. But let’s be honest, would you wait seven days to taste heaven?

6. Wispa Gold Chocolate by Cadbury – $1,600

We all know the famous UK company of chocolate Cadbury. Besides the more affordable options and very popular sweets that they sell all around the world, Cadbury has also a luxurious bar of chocolate called Wispa Gold. It is wrapped in an edible gold leaf and it costs $1,600. Wispa was first launched in 1981 as a limited edition, then it was relaunched in a very big campaign of celelbrities in 2008. 

7. Cocoa Gourmet’s Royal Collection “Chocolats Haute Joaillerie” – $1,250

For all the lovers of gold and diamond, but also chocolate, your dream has come true. You can eat all three of them at once. This fine collection of the most extravagant and outstanding chocolate was created by the Swiss chocolatiers from Cocoa Gourmet. The Royal Collection has 12 exceptional chocolate pieces, all are wrapped in edible gold, diamonds and silver, for your ultimate tasting. You can pamper yourself and order the box wherever in the world, as long as you pay $1,250 on it. 


8. Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve and Gallais – $900

Debauve and Gallais is one of the most well known and established chocolate manufacturers in the world. With a history of over 220 years, the French brand creates one of the finest and luxurious “bonbons” and truffles. They are famous for their dark chocolates, that have 99% cocoa. Their “Le Grand Louis XVI” sell for $900 a box.

9. Michel Cluizel Chocolate Box – 895$

On the ninth place we have another famous lavish chocolate brand: Michel Cluizel. The French chocolatier has been in business since 1948 and he has become the largest producer of fine chocolate in the world. His box of 400 pieces of exquisite chocolate (yes, 400) costs $895. Inside you can find all kinds of flavours, all wrapped in designed customizable packages.

10. DeLafee Chocolate Truffles – $500

We have another Swiss brand in our top (we are not surprised though) and the Golden Truffles from DeLafee are definitely worth trying at least once in a lifetime. They are made of cocoa beans, purchased from one of the finest cocoa producer in Ecuador and 24-carat gold flakes as a special ingredient (which you can eat, of course). This gift box contains eight pieces of superior chocolate and it costs $500.

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