PRADA – The Brand. The History. The Statement

When you say Prada, you immediately think of luxury accessories, handbags, belts, clothes and Italian quality. Without a doubt, Prada is one of the most famous upscale fashion brands in the world and it is still in the top, after 107 years. From the famous nylon backpack with triangular silver logo, to the classic Prada handbag, Miu Miu brand and the famous red line, Prada wrote history in the world of fashion and nobody can deny it. Have a quick look at its history and how it adapted to the current situation.

How it all started

prada stores
Prada stores around the world – Prada San Francisco / Wikimedia Commons, Prada Singapore / Wikimedia Commons, Prada Madrid / Wikimedia Commons

It all started in 1913, when Mario Prada together with his brother, Martino Prada, opened a leather goods shop in Milan, Italy. It was called Fratelli Prada and it sold mostly handbags and English steamer trunks, which were very popular among travelers back then. Prada really rose to fame after the granddaughter of Mario took over the business. Miuccia Prada became the CEO of the company in 1978 and, together with business partner Patrizio Bertelli, put Prada in the top accessories brands. The product that made everybody talking about Prada was a nylon backpack, with a triangular silver logo. This allowed the owners to open showrooms in other cities than Milan, like Paris, Madrid, Florence and New York City. Soo, they started designing shoes as well, the first line being presented in 1984. The first ready-to-wear clothing line was launched in 1989.

The classic Prada handbag

1985 is a statement-year for the brand. This is the year where the now called the “classic Prada handbag” became an overnight sensation. Even today, the style and the elegant touch is recognizable all over the world and it still remains one of the most sold items of all times. Every handbag lover would acknowledge it out of 1000 bags. Classic, crafted from the iconic Saffiano leather – common for the brand – stylish and sturdy, this handbag still represents Prada proudly in stores all over the world.

The Miu Miu story

miu miu glasses
Miu Miu glasses – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Eager to conquer the younger markets, Prada founded its “baby”: Miu Miu, a name that came from Miuccia‘s nickname. Headquartered in Paris, Miu Miu is a high fashion brand especially created for women. It encompasses clothes and accessories and there are boutique stores located all over the globe. A premiere that Miu Miu offered to its clients was that women could choose the heels they would like, whenever they were buying a shoe pair at the London’s shop.

“Linea Rossa” is back

Another highly recognizable trademark of Prada is the red line from some clothes collections. It was first presented to the public together with Prada Sport brand, in 1998. It was the most influential sports line ever and the red strip “followed” the brand in the all late ’90s and beginning of 2000s. Surprisingly, the “Red Line” revived for the Autumn /Winter collection of 2018 and the youthful and fresh design was a smart move of the brand. A lot of celelbrities started wearing the sporty Linea Rossa line, among them we mention Kanye West or A$AP Rocky. The red strip can be seen in newer collection as well, like Prada Linea Rossa Fall Winter 2020, but also in the new fragrance line.

“Pradasphere” – New Spring / Summer 2021 Collection

Spring / Summer 2021 Collection – Source: Youtube

The latest collection, the Spring / Summer 2021, was added to the “Pradasphere” and it is a collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, a Belgian fashion designer best known for Jil Sander brand’s design. His debut at Prada was made following the social distancing rules, but his iconic signature styles can be seen in every item presented. Coats clutched in a hand and turtlenecks with logos blend perfectly with the ladylike skirt shapes and nylon designs of Miuccia. Prada is part of the top brands in fashion worlwide, and together with Gucci, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, set the tone on the future trends.

Preview Photo Source: Unsplash

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