The Crypto Market Has Reached $1 trillion, A Historic Premiere. Bitcoin Is Over $38,000

We are living in unprecedented times. The total value of the crypto market has surpassed $1 trillion. Bitcoin is over $38,000. The data comes from the crypto coin trackers CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Crypto Market = $1.074 trillion

Source: Pixabay

The market cap of all the cryptocurrencies reached a historical value of $1.074 trillion on January 7, 2021. Bitcoin represents 69% of this market, followed by Ethereum of 13%. CoinMarketCap shows this data.

1 Bitcoin = $38,655

Source: Pixabay

2020 meant an increase of 900% for the famous Bitcoin. In March, you could have bought 1 Bitcoin for $3,850. Now (January 2021) it has reached the value of $38,655. Because of the pandemic and the economic crisis that many analysts predict it would be, the cryptocurrency has gained more and more territory. A lot of businessmen invested and consider it to be a valuable asset, rather than just a speculative bubble – risky and unsustainable. According to Reuters, 2020 has brought a lack of faith in the traditional institutions, and a stronger belief and interest into the crypto assets. 

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