The World’s Fastest Car – SSC Tuatara Reached a Record Speed of 316 MPH

The world record has been broken by an American car. SSC Tuatara reached the incredible (and impossible until now) speed of 316.11 mph. It is now the world’s fastest car. The previous record-holder was the Swedish Koeningsegg Agera RS.

SSC World Record Breaking Event – Credit: SSC North America

Where did it happen?

October 10, 2020 – Highway 160, Nevada, USA, a team from the American automobile manufacturer SSC North America, together with the UK pro racer Oliver Webb were set to break a world record. They wanted to do something that was never did before….and they did it. On a closed seven-mile sector on Highway 160, Oliver drove the new SSC Tuatara and he reached the staggering speed of 316.11 mph (509 km/h). This was the two-way average, but it hit a v-max of 331 mph (532 km/h). He just wrote history by breaking the world record.

What is SSC Tuatara?

SSC Tuatara is a super car produced in the United States of America by SSC North America manufacturer, formerly Shelby Super Cars Inc. The concept of this automobile was created in 2011 and developed for three years. The production model was released exactly this year, 2020, and only 100 units were sold on the market. It has a twin-turbo 5.9 liter V-8 mid engine and a whooping 1,750 horsepower and 1,280 lb-ft of torque (1,735 N-m). 

SSC Tuatara – Credit: SSC North America

Price? $1,6 Million

Designed by Jason Castriota, this super car was inspired by the aviation industry. Its name, Tuatara, was inspired from the reptile which we can find in New Zealand. What do they have in common…one might ask. The reptile has the fastest molecular evolution of any living animal, and the car…..well, this particular car is the world’s fastest automobile of all time. Coincidence? Rather not. The SSC Tuatara has a starting price of $1,625,000 and, depending on the options, it can go up to $1,901,000 when it is fully equipped. 

Who was the previous record-holder?

The previous world record was held by the Swedish Koeningsegg Agera RS. This production model reached an impressive 278 mph (447 km/h) in 2017. Unofficially though, there was another world speed recorded in 2019. A Bugatti Chiron managed to reach the incredible speed of 304.7 mph in 2019, that would mean 490 km/h. But this hypercar was actually modified from the production version that Bugatti sells, so it could not be registered as a world record. The two seater sports car Bugatti Chiron sells for approximately $3 million. 

SSC Tuatara – Credit: SSC North America

Registered as a World Record?

A spokesman from Guiness World Records declared for CNBC that they are aware about the record speed of SSC Tuatara, but it is not yet verified. “To accurately judge and award a record for the fastest production car, Guinness World Records requires each car in contention for the record to undergo the same independent testing, eliminating any margin for error and allowing us to arrive at a fair conclusion in this highly competitive field,”, said the spokesperson in a statement. It is nevertheless a step forward into what a super car can do and a record that could have never been imagined decades ago, for retro cars for example. 

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