Why Is St. Moritz So Famous? It’s More Than A Luxury Winter Resort

St. Moritz is the mere definition of a luxury winter resort, it is one of the most famous getaways during the winter season, and most celebrities are seen here. What made it so famous and where did it all start? Besides the famous White Turf horse race, Badrutt’s Palace is always a place filled with history…and stories.

St. Moritz, the place where luxury winter tourism was born

Snowboarders at the luxury winter resort St. Moritz, Switzerland
St. Moritz, Switzerland – Source: Pixabay

St. Moritz is the birthplace of the Alpine winter tourism. It all started in this quiet resort in Switzerland in 1864. Why though? First of all, let’s not forget that it has a very precious treasure. St. Moritz “hosts” mineral springs that were discovered more than 3000 years ago. It was always ahead of its time, the first electric ski lift started running here actually, in 1935, and celebrities started roaming around this luxurious resort. Everything that was high class, upscale and the best of the best (luxury-wise) had to be found in this small Eastern town from Grisons canton.

Luxury at its home – Airport of St. Moritz, filled with private jets

Planes / Airport of the luxury winter resort St. Moritz, Switzerland
Airport St. Moritz – Source: Pixabay

Over time, the popularity of a superior winter resort located in Switzerland at 1.822 m, started spreading fast and the rich started parking their private jets at the small airport of St. Moritz. This Alpine lifestyle that was enriched with top class restaurants, deluxe accomodation and upscale living attracted guests all over the world, from celebrities until the rich of the rich.

White Turf, a horseriding race for the rich since 1907

White Turf Horseriding Race at the luxury winter resort St. Moritz, Switzerland
White Turf Horseriding Race, St. Moritz – Source: Pixabay

A top class event, the White Turf horseriding race, usually takes place at the beginning of each year – 2021 edition was postponed to 2022. It is a major event especially designed for the rich and their exclusive taste. The first edition took place all the way in 1907 and it has been going on since. Race-horse owners, jockeys, and trainers from all over the world meet up in the municipality of St. Moritz, between snow-capped mountains, to enjoy the race and the beauty of the winter sunshine on the frozen lake.

Badrutt’s Palace, a luxury hotel with tradition

Badrutt's Palace in the luxury winter resort St. Moritz, Switzerland
Badrutt’s Palace, St. Moritz – Source: Pixabay

Badrutt’s Palace is definitely a must-see at St. Moritz. This 5-star hotel has a “joie de vivre” rarely matched by any other establishment. Although it is temporarily closed right now, this place has a lot of stories to tell. Its 157 elegant rooms and suits offer legendary service to its guests, breathtaking views over the lake and over the center of the village. It is considered the oldest club in Switzerland. Over the years, A-top celebrities and extremely rich individuals stopped to enjoy the wonderland of the place – winter time and even summer time.

St. Moritz by night – Source: Wikimedia Commons

It comes at no surprise that this particular place is one very much preferred by billionaires and royalty. “Hidden” inside the snow-capped Alps, this tiny, yet discreet place is the perfect gem for winter (or summer) getaways. As small as it is, it is “packed” with 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants, so it is safe to say that here you can find the best of the best. This champagne and caviar lifestyle is a sweet choice for those who flock here every year. It is a pinnacle of luxury and a destination for the elite.

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