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Almas, The Iranian Caviar Considered The Most Expensive Food In The World

There are a bunch of luxury foods that are worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Even though a mouthful is worth hundreds of dollars, the taste and the flavors that come with it are one of a kind. Besides Kobe beef, La Bonnote potatoes, and Yubari King melons, there’s also a type of caviar that tops it all. “Almas” is the name of the most expensive caviar in the world, made from Beluga sturgeon fish.

Almas – World’s Most Expensive Caviar

Beluga caviar fish luxury foods
Beluga Caviar – Photo: Tzahy Lerner / Wikimedia Commons

The most expensive caviar in the world, Almas, is obtained from the eggs of a rare albino sturgeon that swims in the southern Caspian Sea, and it is a variety of Beluga caviar. This Iranian Beluga fish makes the world’s most expensive food as well. 1kg of this rare delicacy costs a whooping £20,000 (that’s approximately $27,000), so we may easily say this is luxury at its best from a culinary point of view. It depends where you order and where you wat it, because it can cost even more than that. In general, caviar coming from Beluga sturgeon is expensive because it takes up to 25 years for the fish to mature and to produce the eggs. Unlike other caviar types which are dark-colored (grey, brown, or black), Almas is white-golden because it comes directly from a very rare female albino sturgen between 60 and 100 years old.

Almas – The “Diamond” of Caviars

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Photo: Pixabay

In Russian, “almas” means diamond, so we might as well considered it a very precious item. Nevertheless, if we take into consideration the fact that, when you buy it, it comes in tin of a 24-karat gold, we’re not at all further from this label. Caviar is generally the most luxurious and most expensive food, but this is the cherry on the top when it comes to luxury. Those who’ve tried it bet on its delicious creamy, nutty flavor, and most definitely it tastes expensive.

History – Persians discovered Almas

The history of Almas dates way back. The ancient Persians discovered the exquisite taste of this “bonne bouche”, and they even considered it gave them strength. They were not so far from the truth since this Iranian caviar contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. It is said that even Alexander the Great tried this speciality when he was on his first expedition to Iran. And not only him. Even Peter the Great, legendary Tsar of Russia and head of the Romanov dynasty, would have had a special weakness for this gastronomic rarity, and would have declared that Almas and Beluga caviars are pure luxury regal foods.

Almas – The finest of them all

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Photos: Pixabay, Pixabay, Pixabay

Almas is most definitely the finest type of caviars of them all, but there are also other varieties that have hefty price tags, and they all can be considered luxury items as well. The cost range differs on the type, its origin, and its availability, but we can mention here a few of them. Besides Beluga which is the most refined of them all, we have also Ossetra, Sterlet, Kaluga, Baika, Shassetra, or Sevruga. One could find any type of these in any dish of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

It is definitely something to try at least once in a lifetime. If you had tried it already, would you describe nutty and creamy? Share with us your experience.

Preview Photo Source: Marco Verch Professional Photographer / Flickr

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